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Janina Fialkowska - Chopin: Etudes, Sonatas and Impromptus [Disc 1]

Chopin - Etudes, Op. 10 - Etude No. 10 in A flat major, Op. 10, No. 10

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Saturday, July 7th 10pm, hear the great trio recording by the Canadian pianist and living legend Oliver Jones, appropriately titled A Class Act. 

When we think of jazz piano in Canada, we usually think of Oscar Peterson, and rightly so. However, 83 year old Oliver Jones is right behind him in the rankings and still going strong today. This trio recording dates back to 1991 and finds him backed by longtime Peterson drummer Ed Thigpen and Toronto bassist Steve Wallace.

A mix of Jones' originals with other tunes written by Bill Evans, Kenny Wheeler, Oscar Peterson and drummer Thigpen, it is the perfect setting for Jones. Although the program is a bit more modern than usual, with no standards in site, it still showcases his easy ability to swing, lay back and delight his audience. 


Hear A Class Act, by Oliver Jones, beginning at 10pm, this Saturday July 7th on Jazz on the Rox, with Roxane Gagne.