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Winter running in Winnipeg may be tough, but not impossible if you’re prepared.

That’s according to Lorraine Walton, the Manager of Running Room on Grant Ave.

Walton says there are a few important things you should consider when running in the winter, including having the proper clothes, buying the proper shoes or shoe guards and making sure you’re visible when it gets dark.

“People should take advantage of our wonderful winters,” Walton said. “It’s fantastic and it lasts a long time, far too long to relegate yourself to being indoors on a track or treadmill.”

When picking out clothes and the proper gear, Walton says people should keep the following things in mind:

  • Buy slip-proof shoes or have ice grippers fitted on your current shoes so you don’t slip and fall
  • Wear warm socks to keep your feet protected from the cold
  • Wear multiple layers made of breathable fabrics like nylon, acrylic and spandex
  • Avoid wearing cotton hoodies, sweaters or sweat pants
  • Wear mittens so you can bunch your fingers together to avoid the cold
  • Wear balaclavas, neck warmers, mittens and toques to protect your skin from frostbite

Walton also says people commonly run either before or after work. With shorter days and more darkness in the winter, it’s also important to keep road safety in mind.

“If you’re wearing all dark colours you’re basically invisible to cars,” Walton said. “It’s important to have some kind of reflective or bright clothing, a flashing light or a high-visibility vest. Just something that will bring motorists attention to you.”

Walton says it’s also a good idea to run with a partner. If you do run by yourself, however, she says you should always carry identification and make sure to tell someone where you’re going to be and how long you expect to be gone.