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UPDATE: Via Rail says all passengers and crew that were on board a train that derailed north of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan are safe.

The train was heading from Winnipeg to The Pas when it derailed around 3:05 local time this morning.

Via says the train had eight cars; two locomotives and one baggage car derailed on their sides. All passenger cars remained upright.

There were 16 passengers and five rew members on the train. Via says everyone on board was taken to a health facility and they've all been treated and discharged. They're on their way back to Winnipeg where Via says accommodation will be provided. Trauma counselling is also being offered.

Via Rail services between Winnipeg and Gillam are suspended until further notice.

Alexandre Fournier, a Transportation Safety Board spokesperson, says the train struck a wash out in a remote area. A TSB investigator is heading to the site.