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We're into day two of an annual fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy Canada that sees Winnipeg firefighters campout on the roof of the Osborne fire hall for more than 72 hours.

Firefighter-paramedic Connor Normandin says the goal this year is 6-figures: $100,000.

He says some of the firefighters will be out on the street during rush hour tonight, and tomorrow and Friday morning, collecting donations from drivers. You can also walk up to the fire station any time during the three-day event and donate directly to the rooftop participants.



rooftopcampout1Connor Normandin lowers the boot for a donation at the Osborne Village fire station.

This is Normandin's first year as a camper. He participated in the fundraiser last year by collecting road tolls.

The campout started yesterday morning and runs until 11 am Friday.

In the meantime, they're keeping themselves occupied with activities planned through Osborne Village BIZ, such as a rooftop boot camp, cupcake making, and massages.

If this year's goal is met, that would bring their eight-year total to $500,000.