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Neil Watson, guest director of the WJO in Sunday’s concert, was in the Diamond Lane! Find the interview here! 

When watching a movie, the music can act many ways: an unobtrusive compliment to the drama; an active participant in heightening the stakes; or, sometimes, something celebrated in and of itself.

This Sunday, February 11, 2018 the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, lead by Neil Watson, offer a collection of memorable scores ranging from classics such as A Streetcar Name Desire and Anatomy of a Murder to modern hits like Whiplash and La La Land. The Big Band sound offers a unique character that can help to define a movie’s identity.

WJO Guest Director, Neil Watson, is an accomplished saxophonist and active participant in the Winnipeg music scene. Holding both Bachelor (1997) and Masters (2006) degrees from the University of Manitoba, he has performed with Moses Mayes, The Ron Paley Big Band, Combo Latino and Marco Castillo’s Brazilian Beats. Neil released his debut album Move! in 2013 a jazz / hip-hop mashup including eight original compositions, alongside Curtis Nowosad (drums), Will Bonness (piano) and Julian Bradford (bass) featuring Ismaila Alfa (rapper/singer) and DJ Kutdown (turntables).

For more information about City of Lights, a celebration of Big Band film music taking place at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Sunday (2 pm and 7:30pm), visit: