Praised for their “effortlessly rich, enveloping, and lyrical baritone voice,” Two-Spirit, Cree-Metis singer Jonathon Adams is a voice that needs to be listened to and heard.  

It is a voice informed by historical practice, and one that gives voice to those historically silenced. One that mediates between cultures and locales, fostering connections and encouraging conversation.  


It is a voice those in Winnipeg will be fortunate to hear this weekend, when Jonathon Adams and collaborators perform as part of the Virtuosi Concert season.  

“with sick and famish’d eyes” presents a sort of reimaging of the first contact between Adams’ Cree ancestors and the English colonizers who arrived at the mouth of the Nelson and Hayes rivers in Northern Manitoba.  

The program features 17th-Century song, traditional Indigenous musics and some of the lauded baritone’s own poetry on Saturday, March 2 in the Main Hall of WAG-Qaumajuq, beginning at 7:30 p.m.  

Joining Adams will be Jory Vinikour on the harpsichord and Felix Deak on viola da gamba with special guest Rebecca Hass providing recitations.  

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