Winnipeg and southern Manitoba are currently under a rainfall warning with heavy rains on the way. 

"We're expecting a significant amount of rainfall in the southern part of the province from a low-pressure system from the states that's moving east over the next few days," says Kyle McAulay, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. "Looks like it'll be bringing about 50-60 mm of rain for most of the southeast corner of Manitoba."

The rain is expected to start Friday early in the morning with the most significant rainfall during the night. 

"We're expecting about 50 mm for Winnipeg. It'll last until Friday later in the afternoon. It'll taper off tomorrow in the early evening hours."

McAulay says that this amount of rain is quite rare for southern Manitoba as the city of Winnipeg hasn't had a rainfall warning since May 2022. 

"There could be local flooding as it's going to be pretty heavy overnight. There's been a significant amount of rainfall already this month."

Normally, the month of May sees about 57 mm of rain in southern Manitoba with two significant rainfall events. According to Environment Canada, The Forks has had 79 mm of rain already from five rainfall events producing 10 mm or more. 

"It's wet already. We had quite a bit of rain last weekend over the long weekend. You'll definitely want to check your basements."