Manitoba's MLAs have a new set of rules to disclose potential conflicts of interest with their work and personal finances.

All members of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly must follow new disclosure requirements in The Conflict of Interest (Members and Ministers) Act. The act came into force on Oct. 4, 2023.

The act requires all MLAs to disclose all assets, liabilities and sources of income with a value over $5,000 for themselves and any spouse and dependants (subject to some exceptions).

They must also disclose property held in trust, contracts with the government, any legal proceedings against them and any support payments in arrears.

MLAs owning a private corporation must provide detailed information about it including a statement of its activities and sources of income, the names and addresses of any other people with an interest in it and all real property owned by it.

All disclosure is done online. MLAs must complete the disclosure process within 90 days of assuming office. Once their disclosure statement has been accepted by the ethics commissioner (formerly called the conflict of interest commissioner), it will be posted on a new website, The website contains detailed information about the new act and can be searched for disclosure statements filed by MLAs.

MLAs must keep their disclosure statements up to date by reporting any changes and must also disclose certain gifts and travel taken on private aircraft.