When Cortney Lee became pregnant with her miracle baby, she was given the worst news any parent could have imagined. At just 28 weeks pregnant, Lee found out her unborn daughter had developed a congenital disorder. 

"It was not looking good. They gave us a week to think about it," said Cortney. "We spoke with her team of doctors, surgeons and respirologists, and they told us the best thing we could do was to get her to term."


Alexis was born six and a half weeks early, whisked away on a ventilator and at just 40 hours old, underwent surgery to repair a hole in her diaphragm.

"They told us she would never be off of oxygen. She wouldn't be able to play sports. She wouldn't be able to run or do all the normal kid activities," said Cortney. "Today she is playing competitive volleyball.  She's playing soccer.  She's doing gymnastics. She's doing dance. She's in track and field. You name it, this girl is doing it."

"She is determined. One of the strongest kids I have ever met, and therefore, has made me a stronger person. I learn a lot from her."

Alexis is now an energetic teenager with a passion for helping others. 

"I just think that using my experience and what happened to me is really important to help other kids who have also had these experiences," said Alexis. "It's really important to help create a better life for them."

In 2022, she decided to make Christmas ornaments to sell in support of the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg. In the end, she managed to raise $1,000. She sold the same ornaments in 2023 and this time brought in $2,500.

AlexisAlexis Lee stands in front of the ornaments she makes in support of Winnipeg's Children's Hosptial. (Supplied)

As we head into summer, Alexis and her mother will be set up at a craft sale in Grand Beach on Aug. 18. This fall they will also be selling ornaments at Winnipeg Mennonite School on Bedson Street on Nov. 30. All proceeds will be donated to the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg.

Anyone looking to purchase a Christmas ornament in advance can contact Winnipeg Mennonite School at 204-885-1032.