With the weather warming up and the May long weekend drawing near, gardening is top of mind for many. 

As Manitobans start planning their gardens, Harvest Manitoba encourages people to grow an extra row to help those in need. 

"Grow-A-Row is a program where the community can share their extra produce with each other," said Harvest Manitoba Manager of Advocacy & Education, Allison Kolynchuk. "Maybe you have an apartment where you grow a few bins on your balcony. Maybe you're a teacher and want to organize your class to have a small community garden at school. If you happen to have an extra row of food that you are not able to use, donate it to harvest."

Kolynchuk says all produce donated will go back to food bank clients.

"It's very important we know that people have to have a balanced nutrition, especially kids who are going to school," said Allison. "It really adds a lot to them to have the fresh produce."

Although they would prefer donations of shelf-stable vegetables, Kolynchuk says they will take any produce people are willing to donate. 

"Anything from strawberries to raspberries, corn, squash beets or cucumbers," Kolynchuk explained. "If they have a choice, any root crop, like potatoes, carrots and onions. We always have a big need for those."

For those who do not have a green thumb, Allison says there are many other ways to help and get involved. 

"There are a lot of volunteering opportunities, said Kolynchuk. "Just reach out and we'll see where we can place you."

For more information on Grow-A-Row or how to get involved visit the Harvest Manitoba website