Multiple collisions caused major delays on the streets of Winnipeg Wednesday morning including backing up the North Perimeter. 

The morning started with two collisions on Regent, one at Plessis and the other at Lagimodiere intersections. Both were cleaned up within an hour. However, a major delay was a collision at Nairn and Watt Street, an already busy intersection of Winnipeg, that took out a light standard. As of 9:00 a.m., the intersection was still causing major delays. 

Commuters entering the north perimeter at Lagimodiere had the greatest delay this morning with one commuter at almost a standstill for roughly 40 minutes. 

Others trying to avoid the area and take Henderson were met with an equally long line to wait in. 

A call came into the CHVN studio as one driver saw a semi truck collide with a school bus just outside of Winnipeg on Henderson Highway. According to the caller, there were no serious injuries reported but the accident was causing major delays. 

It is believed that packed snow and ice on the roadways is a factor in all the collisions.