Locally owned and operated, Photo Central has catered to the city’s vibrant photographic community and its needs for over 4 decades. And they’ve seen plenty of changes, technology and trends over that time.   


“The way we see things these days, there’s no such thing as a bad camera,” says Andrew Toews, who purchased the store from his father in 2008. It is the commitment to service and customer satisfaction that sets them apart, especially from online dealers this time of year who peddle Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and sales abound.  

 “It's a little bit of a challenge for the locals because we don't have the advertising budget,” explains Toews. But it’s important to note that many of the deals – especially in the electronics industry – are provided by manufacturers, and that legitimate products from legitimate dealers are matched across the board, notes Toews. “You’re going to see the same deals and we can provide whatever the other guys can.” 

Gearing up for the holiday season, Photo Central offers much more than simply the latest and greatest camera tech.  

“This time of year, the print lab just gets overwhelmed,” says Toews. “But all with good things and we love it!”  

The holidays are often a nostalgic time, with people reminiscing over celebrations past, and also a hopeful time filled with new memories. In both cases, prints make a great way to commemorate those moments captured.  

“Whether it's a photo album, whether it's a print on the wall, it means so much more than just flipping through all those pictures on a phone or on a screen,” says Toews.  

Offering a wide array of printing options – small prints, ready-to-hang options, canvas wraps, even mugs, mousepads and Christmas ornaments – there are plenty of ways for photos to take new life.  

Photo scanning and restoration is another popular option.  

“We can take those (old negatives and prints) and we can make a nice big print,” says Toews. “And if they've had some damage, if they've seen a little bit of moisture or sun or are cracked, we can do some incredible restoration jobs.”  

Visit Photo Central at 957 Portage Avenue (the corner of Portage and Lipton, just west of Arlington) or online at www.photocentral.ca