As the election draws near, NDP leader Wab Kinew laid out his plans for Manitoba.

Kinew says the biggest focus will be on health care and affordability, with plans to reopen emergency rooms and staff up health care facilities across the province. He also hopes to lower costs for families and grow the economy, creating new and desirable jobs. 

“This is a plan that will make life better and more affordable for every Manitoban. It’s a responsible plan that leads to a balanced budget in the first term,” said Kinew. “We know that fixing health care and ending chronic homelessness are ambitious goals. But the way we do difficult things in Manitoba is by doing them together. And I’m hopeful about the future of our province.” 

Kinew’s plans to fix health care are centred on a $500 million health care staffing strategy. Meanwhile, his commitments to lower costs for families include freezing Hydro rates for one year, cutting the gas tax and bringing in $10/day childcare.

Advance voting will remain open until 8 p.m. on Saturday. The provincial election is on October 3, 2023.