This weekend marks the start of camping season in our province. 

Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister Greg Nesbitt made the announcement Wednesday morning, stating several provincial parks in southern Manitoba will welcome campers this weekend.  

“With the slow start to spring this year, many Manitobans might be more eager than usual to get outside and enjoy our beautiful provincial parks,” said Nesbitt. “Manitoba Parks staff can’t wait to welcome everyone for the 2023 season, and the Manitoba government hopes everyone has the chance to visit their favourite parks and explore somewhere new.”

All other campgrounds will open for the May long weekend. 

The province says they have made improvements to several of Manitoba's campgrounds, including a new picnic shelter in the Birds Hill group-use area, new playgrounds at Asessippi, Beaver Creek, Paint Lake and White Lake, and a new amphitheatre at Hecla-Gull Harbour. Mobility access mats are also being added to beaches at Clearwater Lake (Camper’s Beach), Hecla/Grindstone (Little Grindstone and Black’s Point), Rivers, Paint Lake, Wekusko Falls and Whiteshell (Brereton Lake).

Otter Falls Campground in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Tulabi Falls walk-in backcountry sites in Nopiming Provincial Park and the Birch Point Provincial Park Campground remain closed this season. These campgrounds will be under construction for flood-related repairs this spring, and their opening dates remain unknown. 

Campers are reminded that because the emerald ash borer has been confirmed in Winnipeg, no firewood can be transported outside the city. Transportation violations can result in charges and fines of up to $1,300 for individuals or $15,000 for businesses. Firewood is available for purchase from local retailers at most campgrounds.

This year the province introduced a new camp reservation website, allowing bookings to run more smoothly. Several campsites are still available for reservations at