We are coming up on the beginning of the school year, which means September is here, and as much as it pains us to see it, the leaves from the trees are starting to trickle down on our lawns. Autumn is starting to show itself, and it will not be long before temperatures slip below zero, and the trees will turn to brilliant hues of red, orange, and yellow.

This past summer had lots of moisture, and gardens and the tree canopy around Winnipeg are showing the benefit of this rain. With growth however, comes the prospect of yard clean up, as the autumn approaches.

Susan Jensen from Jensen’s Nursery and Garden Centre stopped by our Classic 107 studio to give listeners some tips for how to manage the growth we have had.

Rather than putting your leaves and grass in the large brown bags for yard waste pick up, composting is a great options to put nutrients back in the soil. For Susan Jensen tree leaves can also be used to help your flower beds. “Leave the leaves in the flower beds when they fall because that gives things like your beneficial bugs like ladybugs and bees a place to cover for the winter and have food. It will also help protect your shrubs and perennials.”

Dealing with growth of perennials can also be very beneficial come spring time. Perennial dividing is something that can help insure that your plants will be healthy next spring. As Jensen explains “You have a very large clump of a plant…you dig it up and you cut it up into pieces. You can re-plant some nice solid chunks…with most of them you will see eyes or buds for next year so you want to have three or four of the eyes in there…and then re-plant.” Jensen says that after the September long weekend is generally best once the flowers are done. “It gives the plant a little bit of time to still re-establish. Sometimes day-lilies or some of your plants are just not flowering as good because the plant is too tight, and too big. They need that dividing every once and a while.”

Jensen Nursery and Garden Centre has anything you could possibly need for fall clean up. Right now they are having a sale on shrubs, perennials, and houseplants. If you have questions about anything regarding plants, Tammy and Susan Jensen or any of the staff at Jensen’s are more than willing to answer questions and help with your gardening needs.

They also have an online store, where customers can buy seeds, planters and pots, as well as decorations for your garden. There website also has many, many valuable tips to help you in your preparation for winter, and to help you ensure that the garden flourishes in the spring.