The smell of smoke and haze blanketing the city is the result of forest fires.

Much of Manitoba is experiencing the effects of fires burning in Ontario and Manitoba is the smoke wafts and strengthens. Environment Canada's Air Quality Health Index says Winnipeg is at a Very High Risk when it comes to air quality. The poor air quality will continue all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Shifting winds on Wednesday and Thursday are expected to push the smoke northward. Areas east of Lake Winnipeg North Basin will continue to experience the thick smoke.


Current conditions 

As Winnipeg and all but the northeast quarter of the province sees air quality issues, it is being advised for people to avoid strenuous activities outdoors, and the elderly and children avoid outdoor physical exertion.

"If you or those in your care are exposed to wildfire smoke, consider taking extra precautions to reduce your exposure. Wildfire smoke is a constantly changing mixture of particles and gasses which include many chemicals that can harm your health," Environment Canada says in a statement. 

It is being advised to stay indoors or move to areas with cleaner air, turn off furnaces and air-conditioning units, and avoiding smoking or burning other materials indoors.