This Sunday, February 4th at 7:00pm at the Fort Garry Hotel, Jazz Winnipeg will be presenting the two-time Juno nominated Knappen Street All-Star Band.

The Knappen Street All-Star Band are a fantastic mixture of Banjo, Soprano Saxophone, and killer rhythm section that are rooted in the Afro-Cuban Tradition. Adding to the musical texture are some great back-up vocals and some killer dance moves that add in some extra spice to the broth.

Known for their highly entertaining shows they have been hailed from Whitehorse to Winnipeg and from Salmon Arm BC to Halifax.

Created in 1990 on Winnipeg’s Knappen Avenue, the band started out as a musical project for band founder and banjo player Daniel Koulack. As he explains, “I was playing with different people, and I had started writing tunes when I was fairly young…and I had a few tunes that I just wanted to try recording. I assembled a band of people that I enjoy playing with, and I liked the way they sounded… Really my music comes from a folky old time tradition…and I was playing with people at the time who were into different kinds of music. So I fell into an odd ensemble of musicians who I liked playing with and their musicianship…so the music was influenced by my friends.”

That group of musicians first performed officially as the Knappen Street All-Star Band on December 1st 1990, and from there the band has gone on to perform all over the country,  record three records and be nominated for two Juno Awards. Not bad for a little recording project that started in Winnipeg’s West End.

The concert on Sunday will feature many of Koulack’s own compositions that have been largely built around melodies that he has composed on the banjo and then built on by the saxophone and rhythm section. Adding to the mix will be some older “old folk songs” that the band will be playing and singing as well.

Joining Koulack and his banjo on stage will be saxophonist Bill Spornitz, bassist Don Benedictson, drummer Daniel Roy. Koulack will also be joined by his children George Bajer-Koulack on auxiliary percussion and vocals and Ameena Bajer-Koulack on fiddle and vocals.

For Koulack and the rest of the Knappen Street-All Band the main goal is to have fun on stage while playing some great music and entertaining audiences. Music mixed in with some story-telling and a little bit of dancing make for a totally fun and engaging show. There is one mantra for The Knappen Street All-Star Band, “Just come and have fun with us. That’s what it’s all about.”

The Knappen Street All-Star Band perform this Sunday, February 4th at 7:00pm at the Fort Garry Hotel. For more details visit Jazz Winnipeg’s website.