This month of June has started out to be hot and humid, and as we are finally enjoying some time outside in the backyard soaking up the sun, perhaps sitting in the backyard reading a book, or maybe enjoying some delicious food with friends, one of the things that can help keep us cool is a nice cold refreshing glass of wine.

George Andrews from G.J. Andrews Food and Wine Shoppe stopped by our Classic 2107 studios to unveil his wine selection for this month of June. He has picked a marvelous Rosé made from organic merlot grapes from the Decibel Winery in Hawkes Bay on the North Island of New Zealand.

This is a crisp invigorating wine with aromas of orange blossom, crushed wild tyme and ripe berries. Perfect for any Winnipeg summer afternoon.

Rosés are perfect for lighter meals. This is a perfect wine to accompany Caesar salads, or any salad that has a creamy salad dressing. George Andrews is very specific with the kinds of dressings that pair well with wine. “The more vinegar you have in your dressing, the less the wine is going to well with it. Vinegar is very acidic…and this takes any acidity in the wine out of play, and the wine will taste flat.” So creamy dressings are the way to go for enjoying any kind of wine.

Staying with lighter meals that many of us tend to enjoy in the summer, the Decibel Organic Rosé goes perfectly with sea foods, such as pickerel, salmon or cod, as well as white meats such as poultry and lamb. “Lamb is very Mediterranean. Mediterranean’s have hot climates as a result Rosés go very well with a Mediterranean diet…and lamb is a big part of that,” states Andrews.

Light cheeses such as brie, Cambozola, and Saint-Andre are all perfect partners to the light delicious taste of the Decibel Organic Rosé.

This is truly an enjoyable wine that is sure to be the highlight of any meal here in these warm Winnipeg months, so why not pick up a bottle of Decibel Organic Rosé 2022 and any of the many wonderful foods that go with it at G.J. Andrews Food and Wine Shoppe at 384 Academy Road?



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