This weekend, Winnipeg audiences will have not one but two opportunities to take in the illuminating and imaginative playing of Cameron Crozman. One of the country’s leading cellists, he returns to the Centennial Concert Hall to perform alongside the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, November 20. 

In a concert directed by maestro Daniel Raiskin, Crozman tackles a cornerstone in the cello repertoire—Edward Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor. His last major composition, the elegiac, reflective and autumnal work composed in the aftermath of the First World War remained overlooked for decades until a young Jaqueline du Pré championed its performance. 

Crozman brings his interpretation in a one-night-only performance in a concert which also features Beethoven’s iconic Fifth Symphony and Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatte’s Capriccio Concertante

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In the conversation below, hear about Crozman’s long history with the Elgar concerto; the difference between du Pré’s interpretation and that of most modern cellists; what Crozman remembers most keenly about his first performance with the WSO; and, more!